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Our motherland will then be a template for the rest of Africa to emulate. This is my fundamental objective.

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Books & Publications

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Our mission and vision

Vision is a mental tool used to project and plan for the future. It is based on what is desirable and doable. Its success is linked to the capacity of the holder to translate that mental picture into reality. The force of ARM’s vision is embedded in the Quantum truth that ‘’it is the observer who creates reality’’, all things are possible to him who believes.

Dr. Nii Amu Darko.


Produce an African who is Competent, Educated, Dedicated and Insightful.


Promote an Africa that is fair and free to its people, balanced & proportional in its representation.

New Society

Use political power to create this new society based on a new man and a new system.


What time is needed for this job? 5weeks probably, 10weeks maximum. Brothers and sisters some parties have been around since 1992, the people have of them but cannot manage even 1%. The key is the message. Truth generates its own momentum. It is doable. It shall be well.

Tswa omanye aba.

Latest News

Get involved in the Movement by sharing the Asempa (Good News) about what we are doing to rescue, resuscitate and restore Ghana. Sharing the Asempa provides a great opportunity for everyone to take part in the campaign to create a better Ghana. By sharing audio, video and blog posts, the message of hope and our plan of action to create a better future for Ghana will get to the people who need to hear it.