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Dr. Nii Amu Darko was born on 25th October 1966 in Osu, Accra. Nii is a physician by profession but he wears many other hats. He is a politician by calling, a philosopher by descent and a preacher by grace. His early life encompassing the seven years of elementary education in Osu, was for him the most memorable.

Early Childhood

Nii was born into two large and related families, both being closely connected to the great Tetteh Quarshie, the undisputed father of the cocoa industry in Ghana. At the time of independence, cocoa contributed 68% of the total foreign exchange earning of Ghana.

Nii grew up in the midst of several cousins, aunts, uncles and numerous other relatives. The most influential of these relatives in the development of his consciousness was his two grandmothers and one of his paternal great-grandmothers. A more apt description is “a son of Osu” where the whole town contributed immensely in shaping his personality.


After 6 years at primary school and a year at the oldest middle school in Ghana, Osu Presbyterian Boys Middle Boarding School (Osu Salem), Nii proceeded to secondary school at Ghanata, Dodowa, where he obtained top scores at the Ordinary level examinations. He did his Advanced level studies at Legon Presbyterian Boys School before going to read medicine.

Nii trained at the University of Ghana Medical School, Legon/Korle-Bu. After a year of internship at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, he left to the new South Africa, where he worked for five years before moving to Australia in 2000. He is now an independent practising physician with his own Practice.Nii also offers medical services at the local District Hospital, and trains medical students from the University of Melbourne Medical School.

Political Career

Nii’s political journey has been quite complicated, and it is still unfolding. His philosophical foundation was laid by the earliest positive values from his grandmothers: compassion, fairness, hard work and truthfulness, reinforced by his Ga ethnophilosophy (hence the philosopher by descent tag) and Christian teaching.

Cosmopolitan Osu played a role in Nii’s political development. Osu, the seat of government since 1876 has been at the centre of Politics in Ghana since. The January 1948 boycott of European goods led by Nii Kwabena Bonne, OsuAlataMantse that catalysed the granting of independence to Ghana was organized from Osu. Nii’s dad, then an adolescent was said to have played an active role in the boycott. Therefore, growing up inOsuwith this rich history of political action contributed greatly to the growth of Nii’s political consciousness.

The maturation of Nii’s political thought into a political system began in South Africa, a nation which had been at war with itself for nearly half a century. Nii learned that development is cultural, and race is an illusion, albeit a very persisting one. His worldview changed radically.

Nii has always had problems with the Unitary State, but it was in South Africa that he realized it was a major part of the trouble with Ghana. He concluded that a federation of some sort was the way forward for Ghana.

Australia firmed the superiority of a federal state over a unitary one. The synthesis of a new politico-socio-economic system rooted in the African principle of ‘’I am my brother’s keeper’’ and balanced by western economic rationalism fully matured. Afremocracy was born.
Great personalities and their spheres of influence on Nii:

Jethro – the African priest who taught his son-in-law, Moses, the founder of Israel, representative democracy and proportional representation.
David – the 2nd king of Israel. A great political strategist and warrior. Absolute lover of God. The author of ‘’The LORD is my shepherd.’’
Solomon – the 3rd king of Israel. The wisest of the wise.
Apostle Paul – the greatest legal mind I have encountered. A man of absolute conviction.
Okaikoi – the great warrior-king of the Ga people. An astute constitutional reformer
Anokye – the great Prophet and Founder of the Asante Kingdom.
Tetteh Quarshie–personal sacrifice for the common good is the mark of a great citizen. The greatest Ghanaian ever.
Garvey – a Prophet, Philosopher and Political activist with the insight and passion of Paul.
Gandhi – the Apostle of non-violence. Morality is mightier than the sword.
Fanon – a Physician, Philosopher and Political activist. An expert in post-colonial studies.
Lewis –the Nobel prize-winning development economist. He spoke truth to power.
Castro – a revolutionary extraordinaire. A man of absolute conviction.
Rodney – a historian, revolutionary scholar and genius of African studies. The author of How Europe Underdeveloped Africa.
Biko –the man after my own heart.Consciousness and culture define all else.
Mandela – magnanimity is human not divine. Life can be both/and, not only either/or.

In his quest to promote and build a better future for Ghana, Dr. Nii Amu Darko took matters into his own hands and founded the African Reform Movement (ARM) in October 2008.

Nii aspires to contest the Presidential elections of 2020. When successful, he hopes to use his duo concepts of Afremocracy and Afreeconomism to build a prosperous Ghana, and for them to serve as inspiration and workable templates for rest of Africa to emulate.

Life As An Author

Nii has written hundreds of articles and has published the following books:

  • Tetteh Quarshie – the star to follow
  • Afremocracy – democracy brewed in the African pot
  • Ghana Mo Ntie – Yanci is coming
  • The 5th Republic – constitutional reforms to rescue, resuscitate & restore Ghana
  • Weep Not, Africa
  • The Fair State Charter for Africa
  • History is on the move
  • Coming attraction – December 2018
  • Amandla!!!Awethu!!!. The South African Revolution. A Personal Perspective.
  • Afreeconomism – economic management brewed in the African pot
  • The Geographical North. Ghana’s Bread Basket