Afremocracy Discipleship Series 1

Afremocracy Discipleship Series 1

Good afternoon brothers and sisters. I’m going to start a new series called discipleship classes on Afremocracy.

I will record in English and Ga and others will translate them into Twi, Ewe and Hausa; eventually all the language groups will have their share.

Every good movement has a central philosophy. And for the African Reform Movement, this central philosophy is Afremocracy – democracy brewed in the African pot.

I would like to take my time to present this series in such a way that all of you will be empowered and energized to take the good news from African Reform Movement to every corner of Ghana and even beyond.

The word Africa means 3 things which I call the A.B.C. of Africa.

A – Area, land or territory. Africa is a land mass. When we draw the map of Africa we define the boundaries of Africa

B – Bloodline or biology. We are a people. Africans are a people that come from the land of Africa – that defines who we are biologically. We are black people biologically – so when we say Africa we also refer to a biological group of people.

C – Culture or mindset. We talk of a people who come from Africa who have a similar mindset. And like the say – know the mind and you will know the man.

The African, whether Ghanaian, Togolese, Nigerian, Tanzanian, we have similar mindset and that defines our situation now. That defines our level of development.

Development is not about finding oil and building sky-scrapers – it is a mental energy that is able to create tools to overcome the environment or nature and from there you earn your living.

Those who have developed this mental energy and have created these tools are called developed nations. Those who haven’t are called underdeveloped nations.

The good thing is that we all have this potential to develop these tools because at the beginning all mankind was blessed and commanded to be fruitful, multiply, replenish and subdue the earth.

We haven’t created the tools to subdue the earth and that is the fundamentals of our struggling.

The African Reform Movement is a movement to reform the mindset of the African so that the African also can a develop the tools to overcome the environment and earn his living from his environment.

People panic when they hear the word “Africa” because they think we are talking about continental government. No. I am the last person to talk about continental government – because that is actually not necessary.

When I say Africa I mean the mindset. When we were kids, there was this trotro driver from La, and he had at the back of his trotro – Moding Sane – Black man matter, black man mindset.

He didn’t have La people on his mind; he didn’t even have the whole of Ghana or Ghana and Nigeria in his mind – he had the whole Africa in his mind.

He realized way back then that the African mindset was the same and so he wrote behind his trotro – Moding Sane. That illiterate driver knew that the fundamental problem of the African was his mindset.

Not whether Ghana and Togo were under the same government, or Ghana and Zimbabwe are under the same government. He knew our fundamental problem was the mindset.

Today political scientists, lawyers, whatever do not quite understand the basis of our struggles. They think bringing together 54 corrupt and incompetent governments under the same government, Africa’s problems would be solved.

No. The African problem is the mindset. When we say African Reform Movement, we are talking of reforming the African mindset so that we will be in a position to also subdue the earth.

To do that and do it from the foundation, we need to change our value system, we need to change our mindset, we need a new system of government.

If you would remember when Obama came to Ghana he said something to the effect that: Make no mistake, development depends on good governance, and it is this single ingredient which is missing in so many places in Africa and for so long.

It is the key that would unlock Africa’s potential. Good governance means good system of government and that is where Afremocracy comes in.

As the system of government coming from the reformed mind of the African. We also have to contribute to the rule of law in the world.

We cannot decide to be receiving all the time, for it is more blessed to give than to receive. Afremocracy is Africa’s contribution to good governance.

The world is struggling. You can see upheavals all over, because the governing systems in the world are collapsing, they are breaking down.

We also have to make our voice heard. Like Obama prophesied when he came to Accra, he said in the 21st century, it is not only things that are said in Washington, Moscow, Rome or London that would count, but things also spoken from Africa and from Accra will also be important.

So we are starting from here – Afremocracy – Democracy brewed in an African pot.

Democracy from its roots means – demos and cratia. “Demos” means the people and “cratia” is rule or power so basically it is rule of/by the people.

Now, in Afremocracy is Af is Africa, re – Reform and cratia is rule or power. So Afremocracy is the system of governance from the reformed mind of the African.

Its very important that we grasp these concepts very well because that is what we are going to tell other people. African Reform Movement – ARM – is not about a continental government.

It’s about reforming the mindset of the African so that he can take his/her proper place among the nations of the world.

So that he can also subdue nature and be able to be fruitful, multiply and also share with the other people of the world what we are able to do with our God-given brains.

Afremocracy, as I said in the beginning is our central philosophy. I have written a book on it and this book there are 5 chapters.

The first chapter is on the structure of the state, which in simple terms is economic federalism. The structure of Ghana at this point in time is unitary system of government.

We want to change it to economic federalism. I will talk about these chapters individually. The second chapter is about separation of powers in the new state.

As we speak now, we are supposed to have an executive, a legislature and a judiciary – and they are meant to be independent of each other.

But you all know there is nothing like that. The President even selects the Speaker of Parliament and he doesn’t have to be a member of Parliament.

This is the only democracy in the world with such an arrangement. That an unelected person can lead an elected house – I have never seen it anywhere.

And the President appoints everyone in the Supreme Court – so it’s a sham.

Chapter 2 is separation of powers – how these groups are rearranged so that they are actually independent but cooperative.

Chapter 3 will deal with new structure of government. How the executive itself would be organized; how parliament would be organized and how the Council of State would be organized to give full meaning to proper democracy, keeping in mind our strong traditional heritage.

How are we going to mix the civil authority which is through elections and traditional authority which is through inheritance?

Then Chapter 4 would be on the referee – the Electoral Commission. If we have decided that we are going to have representative democracy, then it means that we must have a very fair and impartial and transparent referee who would make sure that when the gala is played, the best team wins, fairly and squarely.

And of course, the 5th chapter is about my sources of inspiration – where I got the inspiration from to write these things. We know what has plagued us regarding the Electoral Commission.

This one comes – this person is against it because it doesn’t appear to be transparent enough and so many things.

We need to move away from that – let people know that we are also thinking human beings; we are also doing something correct. And its not too hard.

We have just finished elections in Australia – 12/13 days ago and nobody knows the electoral commissioner.

Four hours after all polling stations have closed in the country, the losing candidate conceded and congratulated the winning candidate – four hours!

We have to prove that we are also creatures of God – that we can do the right thing.

These discussions will empower you to go to every village, every town, every city and preach the good news of Afremocracy.

This is the first part and I hope that you would all lend me your ears for the subsequent parts. I am hoping again that you would be able to take this message to where you have to take it to, with all the energy, the zeal and the enthusiasm.

God bless us all.

Tswa omanye aba!

Recorded by Dr. Nii Amu Darko on Saturday 1 June 2019

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