2 March 2019

More play and less work make Mensa a poor man. Ghana must be serious. The obsessive- compulsive behaviour of politicians must stop.

Fighting over days to observe as holidays after 61years is a disgrace, especially when we already take too many days off to commemorate trivia.

By way of defining the terms, public holidays are non-working days across the country, whereas
commemorative days are working days on which special occasions are celebrated.

Under the 5th Republic’s economic federalism, public holidays will be restructured as follows:

Types of Public holidays

1. National holidays
2. Religious holidays
3. States/Regional holidays


1. New Year’s Day 1st January
2. Independence Day 6th March
3. Workers’ Day 1st May
4. Farmers Day 1st Friday December
5. Good Friday
6. Resurrection Sunday transferred to Monday
7. Christmas 25th December
8. Boxing Day 26th December
9. Eid al-Adha
10. Eid al-Fitr


11. Each state parliament will legislate one day eg major festival as a state holiday.

Note: If a public holiday falls on a Sunday, it’s transferred to Monday.

South Africa’s ANC is the oldest liberation movement in the world – founded 8th January 1912.

So, if 8th January is not a holiday in South Africa, why must 4th August be a holiday in Ghana? UGCC was formed on 4th August 1947 and died in 1951 after winning only 2 out of 38 seats in the 1951 elections and had the worst possible U-5MR of 1000/1000. I shy self.

If Lee Kuan Yew’s birthday isn’t a holiday in Singapore, why must Nkrumah’s be in Ghana? Singapore isn’t only highest GDP per capita in the Commonwealth and the 8th best in the world, it has U-5MR of 3/1000, the 2nd best in the world. What is all this vanity about?

Progressive Singapore does not celebrate any Republic Day, not even confused Nigeria does. So, why must Ghana?


28th February – Martyrs’ Day – day on which the three ex-service men were killed and which set the ball rolling towards independence – Sargent Adjetey, Corporal Aytipoe and Corporal Lamptey in 1948.

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