Most students of Revolutionary politics are familiar with the famous question posed by Lenin at the beginning of last century (1902) in relation to Russia and the Socialist Movement. In 2017, Ghana seems to be at the same spot of confusion and imminent collapse. So we ask: ‘’what is it to be done’’?

For Ghana to be rescued, resuscitated and restored, we need to create a new society. A society is made up of human beings and the system which regulates and governs them. A new society therefore means a new man and a new system.


After creating a new society of a new man and a new system, the future prosperity of Ghana must be hinged on sound economic management, modern infrastructure and provision of good quality essential services.

  1. ECO –FEDERALISM, The New Economic Foundation

  1. Re-structuring of the economy to be led by Small Business Enterprise
  2. Expansion of the economy as a consequence of Eco-federalism. Eco-federalism by definition will create multiple economies within one economy. From that principle alone, the economy expands. This is impossible in a unitary system.
  3. Diversification of the economy through state-based specialization of the production process is also a natural consequence of Eco-fed. Based on comparative advantage, States may concentrate on one particular industry or the other.
  4. Modernization of a low technology economy may be achieved easier and more efficiently through a multi-centre mechanism than through a centralized mechanism.

Better Economic Management

  1. Expansion of the monetary base through mobilization of diaspora funds
  2. Good monetary policies to stabilize the national currency and promote business
  3. Fiscal discipline – live within means and balanced budgets
  4. Lower taxes for higher productivity and economic growth

Modern Infrastructure – the Paradox

  1. Reduce the size of the country through modern telecommunication and effective transportation systems. I call it Territorial Compacting.
  2. Expand the economy through modern telecommunications and effective transportation systems. I call it Territorial Recruiting

Skilling and Empowering Education

  1. Change philosophy from chew, pass and forget to see one, do one and teach one
  2. Skills represent wealth. Education will be a tool to improve upon traditional skills. Complimentary and not substitutional education is the objective.
  3. Empowerment is the result of acquisition of skills.

Health for All

  1. Appropriate – tailored to treat majority of our ailments and diseases with the limited resources available
  2. Available – this derives from the basic economic principle of location of industry. The service or industry must be available to be of any use
  3. Accessible – this is a twin of availability. It is a derivative of the principle of localization of industry. It is not just availability or location, but it must be sited where majority of the people will have access.
  4. Affordable – above all, it must be affordable in order for it to be sustainable. This is where policy, planning and implementation become key